Time Until Beginning

Do you have the qualities to be CEO for MintecFX, Bulgaria?

MintecFX is a new-generation company specialized and truly passionate in trading. We would like our customers to expect the excellence from our operations. We are famous for our operation execution speed, so our customers won't miss out any business opportunities that may occur in any minutes. We always seek the opportunities to grow our customer's wallet, including tip & tricks and all the tactics but most important we promote security and safety of our clients and currently applying for FSC Bulgaria Financial intermediary licence.

For that reason MintecFX is offering excellent job conditions and financial support for the following two roles available for interested and experience professionals who meets the following requirements:

MintecFX Managing Director and MintecFX Deputy Director:

The members of the management and supervisory bodies of the investment firm shall be persons with good reputation, with the required knowledge and skills, with various qualifications and professional experience corresponding to the specifics of the activities performed by the investment firm and the major risks to which it is or may be exposed. Any person who is a member of the management or supervisory body of any investment firm or manages its business shall have higher education.

Any of the persons referred to in paragraph 2 shall meet the following minimum requirements for professional experience:
1. three years in non-banking financial sector or in banks, provided that his responsibilities were connected with the main
business of such companies, or
2. three years in government institutions or other public legal entities whose main functions include management and control of
national or international public financial assets or management, control and investment of cash in funds established by a statutory
instrument, or
3. three years in a regulatory body of the banking and/or non-banking financial sector, or
4. five years on a position with management functions in the financial management of an undertaking from the non-financial sector, during which period the managed assets exceed BGN 1,500,000, or
5. a total of two years at an entity under items 1, 2 and 3, and three years at an entity under paragraph 4, or
6. a total of one year at an entity under items 1, 2 and 3, and four years at an entity under item 4, or
7. a total of three years at an entity under items 1, 2 and 3, and two years at an entity under item 4.

A person who is a member of a management or supervisory body of an investment firm or manages its business shall meet the following conditions:
1. has no conviction for a premeditated offence at public law;
2. not have been a member of a management or supervisory body or a general partner of unlimited liability in a company undergoing bankruptcy proceedings or a company dissolved by bankruptcy if unsatisfied creditors have remained;
3. has not been declared in bankruptcy or is not undergoing bankruptcy proceedings;
4. has not been deprived of the right to hold office of material liability or to carry out professional activity;

Please send your CV and resume directly to manager@mintecfx.com or contact +359893610599