Time Until Beginning

Martins Ate releases his first album in Latvian language


On June 21 this year first album was released by reggae musician zHustlers in his mother-tongue – Latvian language. He gave the audience a composition called "Balelini Kasi Tina" and his debut album is available on all leading digital music streaming platforms.

zHustlers is a young artist who comes from the Latvian city of Riga in the real name Martins Ate. As we have already mentioned, "Balelini Kasi Tina" is his first project or debut in Latvian language to support decriminalization of consumption of cannabis products. zHustlers music is mostly chill-out reggae, but he's not like every reggae artist we can hear today. He creates his music combining it with lyrics from ancient scriptures.

This album was specially released on anniversary of independence of Republic of Latvia and just like in Eurovision, when some countries perform songs in their native language the musician is not ashamed of his country and mother tongue. It just delights! For now, his discography and creativity are gaining massive popularity, and it will definitely just increase over time. This is only his first album in the music industry of Latvia and everything is just ahead to him.

Nothing is known about future releases. It is not known when the musician will surprise with new songs, but in his profile you can see various hints that soon he could add new compositions to his discography. His Instagram profile shows a video where he performs a song in freestyle format in a club at a free microphone. Later, records with small excerpts from a freestyle and other songs were also published.

Most likely, they are excerpts from upcoming songs. Anyway - in time we will see if the musician will really skip these songs. Let's hope he doesn't drag on for a long time and skip the songs. The musician really has a lot of potential and talent - if he continues to actively create music, he will definitely achieve everything. Let's keep our fingers crossed for being a talented artist.

We offer to listen to the song "Tumsa Nakte" created and published by zHustlers based on national traditional song motives and lyrics. We invite you to follow the musician's social network profiles and Spotify account as well. This will allow you to support the new talent, as well as find out more easily and quickly about his news and upcoming compositions. Where the link is, there is a link - clicking on it will take you to the musician's social profiles. Feel free to follow his profile now. Let's support the young musician together - it will mean a lot to him!"