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Bulgarian National Traditional Song Chorus "Bljan" releases incredible CD

Bulgarian ensemble for old city songs called "Блян" or in translation to English - "Dream" just released their fantastic debut album containing 17 incredible tracks called "Със Песен Злото Ние Гоним" meaning - We Chase The Evil Away With Songs. All of their latest songs are available now on all music streaming platforms.

The folk band appeared in the music industry 25 years ago and has grown in experience and singers since then in a profound manager and music producer, virtous pianist himself and the leader of this chorus - Mr. Panayot Katrafilov devoted to his music all his life. Their songs started well in terms of statistics and reviews and so the musicians continued their careers. Well, let's hope they give their listeners a second album this year.

These songs are very interesting and should be heard by everyone willing to have a good mood. The new contestants have a special approach to creating music and how it sounds. When listening to their songs one can hear and through their music understand their own souls.

Despite their age these musicians have a bright future and really strong potential. It is to be hoped that they will be able to use it properly and in time conquer the top of the festival's grand stage and music charts. Let's look forward to new works from the new works of a band and hope that it won't be long before they release new songs again.

We offer to listen to the latest song "Със Песен Злото Ние Гоним" of the group Блян and invite you to check out their Spotify account, we have also added a link, which, when clicked, will take you to the group's Spotify profile, which you can safely follow! That will mean a lot to them!