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Confucius, 500 B.C. in The Book of Odes describes how to grow weed

The Chinese philosopher Confucius (~500 BC), while not being the author, is generally credited with compiling (from earlier editions) many of China’s literary classics. Including both the ‘Li chi’; Canon of Rites [dealing with cultural/religious rites], and the ‘She-King’; Book of Odes [a book of classical poetry]. Both of which contain various references (some dating as far back as 1,800 BC) to the cultivation and uses of the hemp plant.

To Steep your hemp. you seek the moat,
Where lies the pool, th' east gate beyond.
I seek that lady good and fair,
Who can to me in song respond.

To steep your grass-cloth plants ,you seek
The pool that near the east gates lies.
I seek that lady, good and fair,
Who can with me hold converse wise.

And where those branches stretch out far and high
Hatchets and axes on them boldly ply,
While younger trees only their leaves supply,
In the seventh month, he shrike's notes shrilly sound.

Out by the East gate, to the moat,
To Steep your rope-rush, you repair.
Her pleasant converse to enjoy,
I seek that lady, good and fair.

(Confucius, 500 B.C., The Book of Odes)

Misc (Confucian School), The Shi King, the Old “Poetry Classic” of the Chinese. A Close Metrical Translation, with Annotations by William Jennings (London: George Routledge and Sons, 1891).

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