Time Until Beginning

Day 78: Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka - 108 Days Across Eurasia by Martins Ate

Finally!!! I made it today!:) I finished my work on a website for this hotel I'm staying!:) it was a tough work which asked me for almost four full working days. For a website like that I would usually charge a minimum 1,5k Eur, but now they got it really cheap as I'm staying in here and actually ...

I feel like sold myself cheap.:) But anyways... Whats done - done. I even shoot a video for them. That's nice. I like it, too.:) You can check the site at www.srilankaboavista.com So generally - that's it for today - nothing much more.

Probably I'm gonna leave tomorrow morning for my next journeys. Enough of Anuradhapura even of it's nice here. And yes: I do recommend this guest house for everybody who comes this side. It is truly splendid views and amazing house!!! :)