Time Until Beginning

Day 34: Rich in Lhasa - 108 Days Across Eurasia by Martins Ate

My day started at 8 when I waked up, took a shower and then went to work. Finished website: www.tibetgtravel.com and earned 1500 Chinese money or about 150 Eur more :) so now I can continue for sure my trip.

The permits probably will be ready tomorrow. Boss said can leave earliest on Thursday.:) Feeling tired. Will go now to SPA to heal my legs and... :) probably get some massage from Summer as she is coming with me.:) Whell ... What can I say... Nothing much today...

Except that Chinese woman know how to treat the man right!:) I'm more than a high just because I'm in China.:)

I'm actually in Tibet - quite sacred place?! ... Somehow I manage to spoil everything in any place ... I guess that is my nature? No more comments regarding this night in my blog... :) some information should be private..