Time Until Beginning

Day 1: Brussels to Kiev - 108 Days Across Eurasia

I took a train from home which delivered me until the airport in Brussels. From there on I went into the wild. Out of my comfort zone and without any even expectations on whats next.

My way from Katowice Airport and Ukraine border was nice. I stopped a lorry and it dropped me almost till the Ukraine border after I was picked up by two other family cars.

Pleasant talks in a car about my trip, e.t.c. When I reached the Kiev I felt dead, but a first thing I did was went for bath in a cold water and listened to the female voices of morning prayers at Feofania monastery. Feofania Monastery is some place which leaves a long time impression!

When I entered the Ukraine, I decided to take a small nap on the lake during the daytime. The place I found was a great lake and yammi berries all around it. Few horses and fisherman also was around.

After visiting other monastery in Kiev, called Pecherska Lavra I'll be heading North to Moscow.

Went to some monasteries, visited places I used to go every day while lived there just a year ago.
My mentality is more Slavic. I lived there for 2 years and probably would live there even now if because of work I wouldn't move to London